Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Cry of the Heart: What do I do between quiver full and empty nest?

"I wish someone would have told me. Why do I ALWAYS have to do things the difficult way? Its almost like everyone else gets to do something easy while for some reason God tells US to do the tough stuff!" I thought, pitying myself yet once more. Four children, four and under, living in a foreign country, having no househelp, hormones raging after childbirth, struggling to hear the voice of God, and feeling all alone, I poured out my heart to God and my husband in tears and anger. Why did something that He said would be such a blessing feel so much like a curse? How come we did what we felt like God was asking us to do but feel so overwhelmed and horrible?

Ever felt that way? Chances are you have if you have been in any one of those categories.

Like you I am also tempted sometimes to want to quit it all. I still feel it. I know that people do it, but I don’t feel like I am equipped to win, much less one day release adult children who love Jesus with all of their hearts. That’s why I decided to begin in the middle: because we rarely know everything in the beginning and we usually forget the hard parts once we reach the end.

One day I made a list of what I need to hear right now as a middle mom.

This blog is birthed out of my need to find encouragement from the Word of God, fellow moms who are trying to live out their convictions like I am, mothers who are further along than we are, and learning to walk in truth rather than worldly wisdom.

Motherhood can be so lonely.
Its easy to believe lies that we are inadequate.
Kids can be so overwhelming.

Dying hurts.
Living is death.
Children are God's help with sanctification.

What a ride. Lord, help us!

What feels most overwhelming to you in this season of life?

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