Sunday, September 18, 2011

a shadow of things to come.

This post was originally written sometime last month, but I didn't get around to posting it.

Silence for a while. Sorry about that, my 3 loyal followers ☺. Maybe I'll write about what I have been learning over the past month soon. Maybe not (stay tuned!).

Anyway, hubbie and I got to go see a movie today and I was crying before the thing even started.

1 reason (I was going to say two, but I couldn't find a youtube video of the second--e-mo-tion-al!):

First commercial begins with the frame of a young girl with a father who is dumb (can't speak). We see them in several scenes, of her not understanding him, of kids at school making fun of her, and then of him being angry at her. Not a happy relationship. Scene shift: father is downstairs with a cake when he feels the vibrations of a slammed door. Running upstairs, he only sees blood trickling from underneath. (here I am completely shocked and cannot believe they are using suicide to sell something).

Scene change: at the hospital, girl hooked up to machines (already crying).

Scene change: He’s giving blood to save her life, and we realize that he had carried her dying suicidal body to the emergency room (maybe a commercial for giving blood?—yeah, that’s it. Its gotta be blood).

When we see her waking up we realize he loves her very much even if she doesn’t understand him and is ashamed. The scenes that we only saw earlier are now translated (before, no voice), and the audience comes to understand that the father only wanted what was best, and that before the sound of the slamming door, he was sitting at the table with a cake with his with the words, “I love you, daughter.” She realizes something she never knew.

"Take all of my blood; just don’t let her die!"

All of that to get you to buy life insurance.

The point is, I live in a world that is hurting. And the media is sly. It’s a little bit easier to see as an outsider observing the culture. What an amazing demonstration of the great need here…Love. Blood. Sacrifice. Savior. King. Father.

Take all of my blood, just don't let them die. He's crying out for them.

Pray for the people here.

Here’s the video of the first commercial (and I even found it with subtitles for you!)

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